New Moon - 24"x36"

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New Moon is one of a Landscape Drawing Series that I started working on when I worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of Evansville.  I created a graphite drawing series and an oil painting series.  The subject of the oil painting series was based on the Indian Mounds around the midwest.  Those paintings led me to this Drawing Series.  These graphite drawings may appear to be relatively dark, but they are based in the idea of how early man potentially evolved.  I use Natural Forms...that I perceive may have been used by early man, but are based on my observation of nature.  I use these Natural Forms to populate the stark landscapes and manipulate the space by juxtaposing an infinite horizon against large objects in the foreground.  Implied in these haunting nightscapes is the fear and power that humans have always felt.  Implied is the spiritual underpinnings that every human has, and the implications of how culture shaped early hominids.