Mark Timmis Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Painting for me is me creating a problem
and solving it…plain and simple.

While it brings a lot of
satisfaction, it can also bring terror…lol.

I make art to fill a
place in me that belongs only to me. A place where no one can tell
me what is right, or what is wrong.

I own it. It is me. I
am it.

It is the only thing in
my life that I can honestly say is all me. I recognize that we are
all made up of every cumulative experience we have with all things
based in energy, spirituality, physicality, and emotion. Our
experiences inform every aspect of us.

Tell me…what do you
own that is just you?

My satisfaction doing
this work is very high, and continually challenging.

Continuous exploration
keeps me on the edge of my seat to keep making this work.

The nature of paint and
form, of how different admixtures of paint lay on the canvas above,
below, or next to each other. The pushing and pulling of roiling
surfaces is thrilling;

color exhilarates me, while black, white
and gray reminds me of the dynamism that is life.

I love starting
paintings and never knowing where they will end up. I NEVER
work with the end in mind.

I start every piece very
loosely. Allowing the material to be itself. From that point I
allow the work to organically lead me in the direction that wants to
go. Most work tells you want it needs to be completed.

Sometimes not, that is
the struggle.

key is not overworking. Working to that place, maintaining
freshness, achieving that balance and solving the problem.